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A combination of smart learning & nurturing the best of knowledge and abilities, MHB Academy is a vision of looking at fitness coaching in an innovative way. With an ever growing demand for online fitness coaches in various regions, the industry is growing rapidly as a preferred career option!

An educational branch of MyHealthBuddy, we are an academy providing a Foundation Course on fitness, nutrition and online coaching. We build the foundation of your career with the MHB FC. With the motto of learning and growing together, we provide a bright and ever growing career option to become a Fitness Coach to individuals. To top that, the Foundation course is also a gateway to an opportunity to work with MHB as a Health Coach!








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Embark on a successful journey in the ever evolving fitness industry!


With experienced and accredited coaches in the faculty panel, we provide a team to build an all-rounder personality of our students as prospective fitness coaches.


Read from our former batches how MHB Academy gave a new wave to their career and life!


Your questions answered

I don’t want a job with MHB as a coach, can I still take up this course?

Yes,you can! The opportunity to become a coach is just one of the benefits of enrolling in this course. Others being: 

  • an opportunity to work with live clients, a feature that only few courses offer
  • adequate nutrition & fitness knowledge to become a coach and practice on your own if you choose to!

Additionally, this is a great course to take if you’re thinking about shifting your career but want to experience what it’s like to become a coach before making the full commitment. 

What happens if we don’t get shortlisted but still want to work with live clients?

For every student who scores 85% and above, MHB Academy will take the responsibility of providing live clients. If you don’t make it to this list, you can still arrange your own clients (friends or family) in the same client handling period and we will provide you with guidance for the next 4 weeks. So everyone gets the chance to work with live clients! 

Why have the feature of Live client handling as a part of the course if people who have not handled live clients are still being hired as coaches?

Live client handling is not the only requirement for hiring.. The criteria for hiring as a coach with MHB is: 


  • active participation on our social media handles of MHB , MHB Academy and respective batch groups 
  • clarity in concepts of nutrition & exercise. 
  • Knowledge of exercise science and good postures & form
  • Good and effective communication skills
  • Good physique.
  • Should be be a team player
What are the criterias for selection?
  • Your active participation on our social media handles of MHB , MHB Academy and respective batch groups discussion panel and group (the closed FB group that we will add you on post enrolment)
  • clarity in Basic concepts of nutrition & exercise.  (
  • Knowledge of exercise science and good postures & form) should be clear
  • Good and effective Ability to communication skillse effectively
  • Good physique.
  • Should be able to work in teams and Ability to be a tTeam player

You can find this explained in detail on the MHB Academy Facebook group under the ‘Announcements’ section. 

If I can’t write my assessment on that particular date, can the dates be changed?

If you don’t get shortlisted, you can arrange your own live clients (friends or family) and we will still provide you with guidance for the same 4 weeks. In addition, you are getting live sessions given to you by experts & doctors in this field where all your questions are answered in real time.You also have lifelong access to MHB Academy group where you can reach out to our coaches for information & guidance. Even post the completion of the course, we will guide and mentor you!

Is this course accredited by any external body?

No, it’s not and we’ve never claimed this. However, we are under the process of getting our course accredited. 

Will the certifications have a registration number?

No they will not but a registration number does not determine the authenticity of the course. The certification is still very much genuine.

Can I do the course now and request for an interview a few months later?

Yes, you can! As long as you have completed the course and followed all the criteria for hiring, you can come back to us anytime!

I gave my interview but I didn't get selected, what next?

Don’t be discouraged, work on the feedback that you were given and come back to us in 3 months. But remember to stay active on our FB page!

I gave my interview but I haven't heard back from the team.

It might take us a little bit of time depending on the size of the batch (more students, more interviews) but we will always get back to you. 

Is it possible for me to become a coach with you even if I didn’t work with live clients?

Yes, it is possible. Although it would be great if you can score well, be shortlisted for live client handling and work ith them for 4 weeks, we also look at other criterias for handling.

  • Your active participation on our discussion panel and group (the closed FB group that we will add you on post enrolment)
  • Basic concepts of nutrition & exercise (good postures & form) should be clear
  • Ability to communicate effectively
  • Ability to be a Team player
Some students were hired even before the live client handling even began. How is that possible?

Looking at our business requirements, we sometimes need to hire coaches quickly. These people showed us the right knowledge and attitude (warmth, empathy, written communication) through their posts on the main MHB group, responses to other people’s posts and their QnA during the sessions. Considering all this, we felt that they would be a great fit to the organization.

Why is the online test given before giving live clients?

We used to give clients to everybody in our previous batches but many trainers left the clients midway, didn’t respond to the clients & never shared a plan.

MHB does not tolerate this because it affects our brand image & client experience. So we decided to give live clients only to students who have grasped the concepts in the sessions and are really seriou.Conducting an online test was the only solution!

If I can’t write my assessment on that particular date, can the dates be changed?

We use a third party to conduct this assessment so the dates cannot be changed. However we will let you know the date of the assessment on your orientation day and the assessment portal will be open for 24 hours. So you can take it anytime in those 24 hours.

I don’t live in India, can I still take this course?

Of Course you can, at the end of the day it boils down to the knowledge that you’ve accumulated, not the certifications!

Do I have to pass the assessment to get my certificate?

Yes, the pass mark is 35%. Everyone scoring below that will not receive a certificate. 

What happens if I get shortlisted to handle live clients but I chose not to.

That’s fine but please inform us before we start allocating  clients to you. If you drop out of live client handling mid-way, you’ll not receive your certificate.

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